Publications acknowledging COST Action BM1204 were:

Scientific publications


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Book Chapters

Two book chapters on the Action scientific-related interests have been published in 2014:

  • (1) Kristel Van Steenand Núria Malats, on behalf of the COST Action BM1204 participants. Perspectives on Data Integration in Human Complex Disease Analysi. In: Big data analytics in Bioinformatics and Healthcare. Pages: 284-322. Available at Irma International.
  • (2) Enrique Carrillo-de Santa Pau, Francisco X. Real, Alfonso Valencia. Bioinformatics analysis of pancreas cancer genome in high-throughput genomic Technologies. In Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment of pancreatic cancer. Pages: 93-131.
  • (3) Kristel Van Steen and Núria Malats, on behalf of the COST Action BM1204 participants. Neostrategies in integrating omics data in pancreatic cancer. (Under revision)


Two reports based on the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) survey "Barriers in access to Personalised Medicine" on pancreas cancer have been prepared by WG4:

"The Pancreatic Cancer White Paper"

The pancreatic cancer white paper

The Pancreatic Cancer While Paper was launched by the EAMP in collaboration with EUPancreas (WG4). It is a direct appeal to policymakers, legislators, and regulators to encourage innovation, to enhance prevention, and to broaden access to treatment. It also calls on all stakeholders to work more closely together to reduce the burden of pancreatic cancer on patients and on society.

+ press release and white paper

Oral/Poster presentations of the COST Action BM1204 were presented at:

  • PanC4 meeting (Baltimore, March 2013) by N Malats.
  • Club Français du Pancreas XXVIII meeting (Amiens, September 2013) by M Dufresne.
  • ICGC-pancreas meeting 2013 (Toronto, October 2013) by N Malats.
  • FP7/H2020 Meeting (Dublin, November 2013) by N Malats.
  • Pancreas Society of Great Britain 39th meeting (Liverpool, November 2013) by E Costello-Goldring.
  • Annual meeting of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology (Alicante, September 2014) by N Malats.
  • 3rd European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) Annual Conference (Brussel, June 2015) by N Malats and A Brand.
  • Taking Stock: Where we are now and the necessary next steps to take to realize an environment for personalized medicine. 6th April 2016 Brussel, Belgium.
  • "Polish Pancreatic Cancer Club Meeting" (Ossa, 23-26 June 2016) by Ewa Małecka-Panas

Scientific Workshops/Conferences organized or supported by the COST Action BM1204:

  • "First Annual Conference" jointly organized with the "Pancreatic Cancer Forum - 2013". 5-7th November 2013. Madrid, Spain.
  • "Integromics" workshop. February 2014. Heidelberg, Germany.
  • "The London Pancreatic Workshop 2014. A forum for state of the art clinical and basic research in pancreatic cancer″. 2nd May 2014. Bart's Cancer Inst. London, Uk.
  • "The first pancreatic cystic tumour patient forum". 3rd October 2014. Royal Free Hospital, London.
  • "Capita Selecta in Complex Disease Analysis". 24-26th November 2014. Liège, Belgium.
  • The 47th Annual Meeting of the European Pancreatic Club. 23–27th June 2015. Toledo, Spain.
  • "Cancer genomics and personalised medicine workshop: focus on pancreas cancer". 1st July 2015. Barcelona, Spain.
  • WG4 TRAINING SCHOOL on "Genomics and Genthics". 10-15th September 2015. Aegina, Greece.
  • Workshop on Pancreatic Cancer. Towards a Clinical Registry of Pancreatic Cancer: PancreOS. 5th October 2015. Madrid, Spain.
  • PancreOS kick-off meeting. 17th March 2016. Madrid, Spain.
  • WG2 TRAINING SCHOOL on "Interactions in Complex Disease Analysis. The world of interactions around us" 27-29 April 2015. Antwerp, Belgium.
  • WG3 TRAINING SCHOOL on "GENOMIC MEDICINE - Bridging research and the clinic" 3-6 May 2006. Portoroz, Slovenia.

Press releases referring to the COST Action BM1204: