1. Capacity building in order to build a strong network of European Centres to develop unified biobanks that store individual epidemiological and clinical information and therefore represent fundamental resources for future PDAC research in Europe.
  2. Evaluate the applicability of selected omics technologies to identify chemical, epigenetic, genetic, and molecular markers to be utilized in the public health and clinical setting. This will be achieved by disseminating the expertise within the respective centres and designing appropriate feasibility and reproducibility studies.
  3. Optimize methodologies (epidemiological, statistical, omics-technology, and bioinformatic) to integrate and interpret data. This is a very important and innovative research area since appropriate data integration greatly facilitates the discovery of novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets.
  4. Unite and train young researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds in distinct European countries. While they are a main target of the Action, experienced and established researchers will also be drawn upon to deepen and broaden the expertise of the network.
  5. Disseminate the information gathered to the scientific community and increase public awareness about PDAC research needs and impacts. Papers will be co-authored across countries, STSM are envisaged to take place across the network, at the Action's workshops, young researchers participation will be encourage.