The application of the rapidly evolving - omics technologies to cancer research is a reality and it has demonstrated that large-scale international collaboration is essential to decipher relevant information in the context of massive-scale interrogations.

This is even more important for rare and dreadful diseases like pancreas cancer (PDAC). We aim to create a unique European platform to facilitate the collaboration of a broad range of European and international PDAC multidisciplinary research groups to integrate knowledge and experience in a multidisciplinary way "from cell to society"; promote the application of uniform study tools and protocols; foster their optimal use by early-stage researchers; enhance the mobility and training of researchers; and permeate the society with the results originated by the Action. This Action will develop novel interdisciplinary tools that will improve our understanding of PDAC and its control by answering questions related to the aetiology, early detection and evidence-based and personalized treatment to enhance primary, secondary, an tertiary prevention, respectively, as well as on health management. The Action brings together a group of young scholars across a range of disciplines in collaboration with more experienced researchers and will allow Europe to actively participate in the international scenario of pancreas cancer research.

Action Details

MoU 4/05/12
CSO Approval date 07/06/12
Start of Action 14/12/12
End of Action 13/12/16
End of Prolongation 13/04/17


Action Fact Sheet (PDF)
Vademecum 2015 (PDF)
Final Assessment Review 2017 (PDF)
Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)