Estimated incidence of pancreatic cancer shows that there were 103,773 new pancreatic cancer cases in 2012 in Europe (3% of all new cancer cases, except non-melanoma skin cancer). Pancreatic cancer is the 8th most commonly diagnosed cancer in men; while in women incidence of pancreatic cancer ranks 9th.

Estimated incidence for both sexes in Europe, 2012


Pancreatic cancer is the 6th leading cause of cancer-related death (6% of all cancer deaths) in Europe, with 104,481 estimated deaths in 2012.

Estimated mortality for both sexes in Europe, 2012


Incidence and mortality rates vary markedly among Europe. For instance, The Czech Republic, followed by Slovakia and Hungary, have the highest incidence rates, while European countries having the lowest rates are Bosnia and Hergovina, Cyprus and Sweden.

Estimated incidence from pancreatic cancer in both sexes, 2012


According to mortality predictions for the year 2015 in the European Union, mortality of pancreatic cancer will keep increasing between 2009 and 2015 in both sexes (rising by 4% in men and 5% in women), becoming the fourth leading cause of cancer death with 8% and 6% of all cancer deaths in men and women, respectively (Malvezzi et al, 2015). Projections of cancer incidence and mortality to 2030 also reveal that pancreatic cancer will become the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the US (Rahib et al 2014).

Pancreatic cancer still has a poor prognosis and has the lowest survival rate of all cancers; the 5-year relative survival rate in Europe is 6% (De Angelis et al, 2014).



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