Institution Vilnius university hospital Santariskiu klinikos, Vilnius, Lithuania
Contacts [email protected]

Dr. Sileikis is the leader of the Pancreas surgery group at the Vilnius university hospital Santariskiu klinikos, Vilnius, Lithuania.
His PhD dissertation was - surgical treatment of recurrent gastroduodenal ulcers. From 2002 he is a coordinator of surgical treatment of pancreas deseases.
Also he is a principal investigator of prospective research:
Frey procedure comparing results of using single or two lears pancreatojejunal suture for treatment of chronic pancreatitis (2009-2013).
Evaluation of adipokins for severity prediction of acute pancreatitis (2011-2014).
Early biomarkers identification of pancreatic adenocarcinoma by protein mass spectrometry, which includes the proteomic analysis of cancerous pancreas samples and cell culture experiments (2013-2015).
Dr. Sileikis belongs to the COST Action BM1204 an integrated European platform for pancreas research: from basic science to clinical and public health interventions for rare disease WG 4 - Patient management.

Work Groups:
Patient management (wg4)