Institution Founder & Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer Action
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Ali Stunt is the Founder and Chief Executive of Pancreatic Cancer Action, a UK charity and patient organisation with a focus on improving the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Ali was diagnosed with PDAC in 2007 age 41 and was fortunate to be diagnosed in time for resectional surgery: a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy. Following combination chemotherapy (gemcitabine & cisplatin) and chemo-radiotherapy (5-FU) Ali has been free of disease since the completion of her treatment in 2008.

Ali founded Pancreatic Cancer Action (PCA) in August 2010.
PCA is a charity based in the UK whose mission is to change pancreatic cancer survival numbers with a focus on improving early detection statistics. The charity's approach is to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer to the public, the medical community and government, provide education and training on pancreatic cancer to medical professionals and fund research specifically into improving early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Ali is a member of EU Cost Action WG4- Patient Involvement.

Ali is also a member of the European Pancreatic Cancer Stakeholder Platform (Awareness Workgroup Lead) and through PCA is a stakeholder in the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Pancreatic Cancer.

Work Groups:

Patient management (wg4)