Patrick Forde

Institution Cork Cancer Research Centre, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
Contacts [email protected]

Dr. Patrick Forde is a researcher at the Cork Cancer Research Centre, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Dr. Patrick Forde completed his PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway in the area of molecular biology in eukaryotes. Following his PhD he joined the Cork Cancer Research Centre as a postdoctoral researcher in the gene and drug delivery group.

He worked on projects in the area of non-viral vector development, immunotherapy, and drug/gene delivery with an emphasis in physical methods of delivery and was involved in bringing treatments from the lab to human patient clinical trial.

He is now developing his own area of research in the area of immunotherapy and immunogenic cell death in cancer therapy. He recently was the first Irish recipient of the UK charity Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund project grant to help develop a treatment regime for pancreatic cancer by harnessing the immune system to target both primary and systemic disease.

Work Group:

Integration of omics data (wg2)