EUPancreas is a COST Action (BM1204) that aims to unite pancreas cancer research groups across Europe and provides an innovative and unique platform for collaborating and sharing information, ideas and experience.
We are 245 multidiciplinary members from:

  •   22 EU countries
  •   5 EU gov & non-gov institutions
  •   3 Biotech companies (SME)
  •   1 Pharma company


7th Newsletter

Number 7. April 2016

COST Action
A new publication acknowledging the Cost Action: Pancreatic Cancer
The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome
30 June – 01 July

EUPancreas Podcast launched

video+ Video


EU-Multistakeholder platform on pancreatic cancer website
SIGN NOW the Pancreatic Cancer Declaration 
European Pancreas Cancer Epidemiology Workshop and 2016 Pancreatic Cancer Case Control Consortium (PanC4)

22 – 23 June

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