• A first STSM call was publicised in September 2013 among MC members and WG managers. 7 STSMs were approved. The awardees being:
Beneficiary Original centre Hosting centre WG Period
D Vangala Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany CNIO, Spain WG3 October 2013
S Pineda CNIO, Spain ULg, Belgium WG2 Feb-March 2014
JM Mazarico CNIO, Spain Imperial College of London, UK WG4 Jan-April 2014
A Maziukiene Lithuanian university of health sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania TUM, Germany WG3 Nov-Dec 2013
F Gadaleta ULg, Belgium Integromics, Spain WG2 Febr-March 2014
V Rosato Mario Negri, Italy ICO Barcelona WG1 April-May 2014
M Jansen U Maastricht, Netherlands EAPM, Belgium WG4 April-May 2014