Institution Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)
Contacts mmarquez@cnio.es

Dr. Marquez is the data manager of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Madrid, Spain.
Her PhD was focus on “Data cleaning and quality analysis in large datasets”, with practical exercises in the health field, already submitted to the University of Vigo, the defense of which is due by March 2008. The practical applicability is an automatic system for standardization, data mapping, linking and coding of registries. From 2003-2008, she obtained a five-year grant from the Carlos III Health Institute/Health Research Fund from the Spanish Ministry of Health in tough competition with other candidates, with the aim to create a Network of Centers of Excellence in Epidemiology and Public Health forming part of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Regional Government of Murcia (Spain), under supervision of Dr. Carmen Navarro, who, among other relevant merits, was in charge of the investigation of the largest community outbreak of legionnaires ever recorded. Specifically, the research group she was assigned to was responsible for infectious diseases and cancer.  During this time, she has received a postgraduate Diploma in Epidemiology and Public Health with an overall “excellent” grade and a final project which has been already published. Besides,she has participated in several papers, research communications and books, some of them as first author. She works confidently in expanding environments, as demonstrated by her role in helping develop both RCESP and CIBERESP in Murcia. She has taken advantage of every training opportunity that she had outside Spain to improve my qualification (North Ireland Cancer Registry, Cancer Registry of Veneto Region, IARC) that she could find to be compatible with my duties. Also, she participated in several research projects and she has been the principal lecturer in the international training course for automatic coding in cancer registries, which took place in Murcia.

Her background is in computer science, she is a PhD in this area and her thesis is a deep study of methods to improve the quality of the data.  In the CNIO, her job consists of guaranteeing the quality of the data of several national and international projects. For each patient, her team collect epidemiological, clinical and follow-up information, in addiction to different samples. In her lab they are studying prognostic factors of cancer. For this goal, she links epidemiological information with biological information and with the characteristics of the tumor, previous this step she supervises all process to clean the data and make reports to the sites to notify issues coming from our data management team. They are doing a huge follow-up of the patients in order to study the progress of the illness. This kind of projects generates a lot of information. They have around 2000 cases and 2000 matched controls by gender, age and area per project and she took control over 5 projects. She has to coordinate with BioInformaticians whose develop our EDC tool and indicate failures if there are, and she collaborates with them to develop triggers, modules in Visual Basic or Java needed for new questionnaires in the projects.

Work Groups:
Harmonization of research tools (wg1)