Institution Vilnius university hospital Santariskiu klinikos, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dr. Sileikis is the leader of the Pancreas surgery group at the Vilnius university hospital Santariskiu klinikos, Vilnius, Lithuania.
His PhD dissertation was – surgical treatment of recurrent gastroduodenal ulcers. From 2002 he is a coordinator of surgical treatment of pancreas deseases.
Also he is a principal investigator of prospective research:
Frey procedure comparing results of using single or two lears pancreatojejunal suture for treatment of chronic pancreatitis (2009-2013).
Evaluation of adipokins for severity prediction of acute pancreatitis (2011-2014).
Early biomarkers identification of pancreatic adenocarcinoma by protein mass spectrometry, which includes the proteomic analysis of cancerous pancreas samples and cell culture experiments (2013-2015).
Dr. Sileikis belongs to the COST Action BM1204 an integrated European platform for pancreas research: from basic science to clinical and public health interventions for rare disease WG 4 – Patient management.

Work Groups:
Patient management (wg4)